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How to Use Balance

 1.What is the account balance 

It is the store credit or account balance in your Rotita account. You may transfer your Rotita balance back to the original payment account, or you may use it to pay for new order.

2.The origin of the balance

As stocks level is changing frequently, some products may be out of stock after you send the payment. In this case, our customer service will contact you in e-mail as soon as we know this. For an earlier shipment, equivalent payment including shipping fee/ price difference would be credited to your Rotita account for future use.

3.How to find the account balance

  Step 1: Please click this link,

  Step 2: Please check the amount in Welcome page (see diagram, below, just for sample).

4.How to use the balance

  Step 1: When you submit your order, the balance will be used automatically (see diagram below, just for sample)

  Step 2: If the balance is not enough for the payment, you may need to pay the difference through PayPal or credit card.



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