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How to Order

It's easy shopping in ROTITA. Just follow the steps to order.

Step 1: Add the item(s) to your bag

Choose the size, color in product page.You can check more information in product details.

Click on “ADD TO BAG”.

Step 2: Check out when necessary info is chosen.

Click the “VIEW BAG” to review the item(s)you chose in the bag page.Or click “KEEP SHOPPING” if you want to buy more items

Click the trash can icon to remove item, or modify item if need

Apply a coupon

Click on “CHECKOUT” or “PayPal” if you are ready to place the order.

Step 3: Log in your ROTITA account

Choose SIGN IN if you already have an account on our site;

Choose Register to register with your email

Step 4: Fill in Shipping Information and Payment Information

Fill in Shipping Address

Choose a Shipping Method

Choose a Payment Method and fill in payment information

Apply a coupon

Click on “PLACE ORDER” if you are ready to place order.

Step 5: Order Completed


  • 1. You can use coupon or points (if you have) before checkout. One order only can use one coupon and can't be changed once used.
  • 2. The order processing will begin when the due payment is received and confirmation email will be sent to your contact email address.
  • 3. The tracking number and tracking links will be sent to your contact email address upon your order being sent out. You can also learn more ways to track order here.
  • 4.You may click here to check more details about shipping.

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