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T Points Program

1. How to get T points makes it easy to get more T points for free. The ways are as follows:

(1) Shopping on our website

When customers pay online successfully, we will process your order as soon as possible.

You will get T points as long as your order status is "shipped". For every 1 USD spent on products (excluding insurance and shipping fees), you will receive 1 point.

(2) Write a review you will get 100 T points, upload a photo or video in review you will get 500 T points, and double points reward for purchase if your review selected as premium review.

(3) Complete your profile get 1000 T points.

2. How to use T points

(1) The T points amount as same as commodity cost (Final Sale and Points Redemption items are not eligible).

For example: commodity costs $5(excluding insurance and shipping cost)= 5 T points.

You can use your T points as commodity costs as the following:

100 T points = $1

(2) When you get available points, you can use them on checkout page, find “T points” and put in the quantity you want to use.

You can use as commodity costs(excluding Final Sale items, Points Redeem items, insurance and shipping cost)through the points.

The T points also can use with coupon code together.

But point savings cannot exceed a certain percentage of the final merchandise value; 3% for T0 members & Guests; 4% for T1 members;

5% for T2 members; 6% for T3 members.

3. Guideline of use

(1) Some specified products are not in the T points active.

(2) The order which is using T points for payment cannot participate in the activities.

(3) The gained T points are not affected by coupon.

For example: commodity value=$10, use 10% off coupon=$9, You can get 10 T points.

(4) The order which is using T points for payment cannot get T points.

(5) Points will expire 365 days after the date of your last point change. reserves the right of interpretation for this Program, Please feel free to contact us for any questions at Support Center.

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