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Intellectual Property Notice

Stop Infringing and Respect Our Copyrights

Recently, our company and our customers have discovered that a large number of our company's product pictures have been stolen by many websites,

and the prices are much lower than our company's.

To this end, we make the following statement:

1. All designs and images on the website are original to our company and have been copyrighted through the U.S.

Copyright Office and other national copyright offices.

2. Our product designs are independently completed by our in-house designers, with fine workmanship, environmentally friendly fabrics, generous materials, breathable materials, and accurate sizes.

3. We guarantee that the price is directly proportional to the quality. Thanks to our customers who have always supported us, we will continue to design products well and be responsible to our customers.

4. If you see the same products on other websites other than our company, they are all fake products.

It is recommended to purchase with caution and avoid purchasing inferior products,

which may be harmful to personal health and environmental safety.

5. Finally, we ask all businesses and individuals to stop stealing our pictures and stop infringement.

Our company is cooperating with American law firms to deal with infringing merchants one by one.

Those who refuse to stop will face serious consequences such as fines and account freezing.

If Our Company Violate Your Copyright

If any individual thinks our behavior violate your copyright,

please contact us by submitting a ticket with IPR infringement.

Our customer service will reply your ticket within 1 business day.

As our company respects all kinds of intellectual property, we will take this problem seriously through the ticket.

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